Meltblown nonwoven filter fabric factory

For sale - immediate production start possible

Investment: 6.500.000 Euro 

Return on investment: 3 years

Location: Germany, near the Polish-German border

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Are you looking for a ready-made business to start producing Meltblown filters right away?

  • 6 processing lines for the production of Meltblown nonwoven filter fabrics ready to production at any time (max.width of nonwovens = 1600 mm)

  • know-how of nonwoven filter fabric production and certification

  • Certificates and test results

  • Location: Germany, Berlin area

  • Rolbatch Engeneering helps you to start up your production and laboratory

We help you to start up production quickly - practically right away!

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Quick return on investment! Only 3 years to return 100% of investment

INDUSTRY: plastics processing, nonwovens production, filter production. Do you have experience in the filter industry or the plastics industry? Are you looking for a ready-made business that you can start immediately and develop quickly? The company produces high quality filter nonwovens MELTBLOWN-FILTER

- MELTBLOWN non-woven polypropylene filter fabric (tested in German laboratories accredited to ISO 149, EN 14683, OEKO TEX certified

What is included?

  • Company name (limited liability company)

  • Company logo registered in the Patent Office

  • Website with .com domain

  • Land plot of 13,000 m2 (place for building another hall)

  • Production and warehouse buildings with a height of 10 m and offices of 2000 m2, including 439 m2 of offices and social areas

  • Office equipment (furniture and hardware telephones, printers, photocopiers, etc)

  • Meltblown nonwovens machines x 6 machines (year of production 2020, in very good condition, operational and adapted to the given production)

  • List of suppliers of raw materials and additives

  • Know-How of Meltblown fiber production

  • Air compressors, cooling systems, transformer 

  • Forklift truck and pallet trucks

  • Transport cranes: 1 in the hall and 1 outside the hall

  • Consultancy during the start-up of production

  • Consultancy during the next 3-12 months after purchase

  • Assistance in the sourcing of personnel from Germany, Poland (border workers)

  • Assistance in finding accommodation for foreign employees (3 flats for employees available immediately)

  • Possibility of employing a person from the management board for the first 3-12 months of the company's operation (to be agreed, if necessary, or remote consulting)e)

The plant can start working immediately.

We help you set up production and a laboratory to test product quality from A to Z. We train employees. We assist in the retrofitting of any additional machinery and equipment to increase production capacity. 

Meltblown has been successfully tested in DEKRA (Germany), MNA (Turkey), CIOP (Poland), PRS (Poland), Hohenstein Institute (Germany), BSI (England) accredited laboratories)